Muddy Creek Music Hall Sparta - Frequently Asked Questions


Age Policy
The Muddy Creek Cafe & Music Hall is an all ages venue. 


The Muddy Creek Music Hall Sparta is a dining venue that host live entertainment.  All seating is sold per dining table. The entire table must be purchased.  All guests are expected to eat.  No beverage only patrons are allowed at a dining room seat, no exceptions.

How can I purchase a table ?

Tables can be purchased through our website.

Is there a VIP section available?

Yes, with room for 22 (max).  For more information please send an email (click here)

What is your refund policy?
There are no refunds or exchanges unless a show is cancelled, in which case refunds will be made at point of purchase.

What's your ID policy?
An ID is only required if you plan on drinking alcohol.  No exceptions.  This policy is strictly enforced, any violation will result in immediate ejection from the venue.

What time should I arrive ?
The doors open at 5pm.  We highly recommend arriving around 5pm. Dinner is served between 5pm and 7pm.  We discouraged attempting to eat dinner during the main event.

What time does the entertainment start ?

The main act goes on at 7pm. The might be an opening act for any given show, with those details listed on each show.

Do I have to stay at my table the entire night ?

The music hall has plenty of space to move around in, along with a private lobby.  The music hall bar serves beer and wine.  Mixed drinks can be ordered at your table.  We do ask that everyone remains seated during the performances.

Can I talk during performances?

We ask that you use your own judgement during performances.   If you are talking louder than the performer, please consider the performer, and the listening audience. 

What are your policies regarding photo/video/audio?

There are no flash cameras or video cameras allowed in the building.  No exceptions.

Where should I park?
There is parking available on both sides of  Main Street.  There is also a parking lot available from 5pm to 10pm,  across the street from the Muddy Creek Cafe & Music Hall Sparta, and a parking  lot between Main Street and the 21 Bypass.

Can you suggest a hotel?
The Alleghany Inn is located just a few blocks away from the Muddy Creek Cafe & Music Hall Sparta.